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The current unit was resurrected in January, 1993 (formerly as Company C, then renamed to Company A). Of the nine original members, two are still active. Based in Madison County Virginia, the present day Company A consist of members who live in Madison, Culpeper, Orange, Rappahannock, and Stafford counties. Some had ancestors who fought in the original Company A. The group is privileged to use both homes of their famous brigade commander, Major General James Lawson Kemper for living history programs, meetings, ceremonies, and an annual birthday celebration at the grave of the beloved general.

Company A Members 2015
Company A members December 2015

Company A has earned the respect of regional historians, museums, public and private schools. Because of its continued dedication and hard work, several historical groups such as The Sons of Confederate Veterans and United Daughters of the Confederacy have requested and received full participation in numerous monument dedication ceremonies and cemetery services. Besides participating in battle reenactments, Company A devotes much of its time to living histories. Annually, the unit participates in local parades (having won several prestigious awards), presents living history at Madison County's Taste of the Mountains Festival (winning best overall presentation in 1997 and 2001) and Graves' Mountain Lodge Fall Apple Festival. The company starred in a documentary by the BBC in 1995, filmed on the Fredericksburg Battlefield and participated in the making of the major motion picture Gods and Generals. Members of the company also starred in a short movie called the Sons of War in 2011. The Company's premier event each year is the twenty-four hour vigil at Fairview Cemetery in Culpeper, VA, where some five hundred Confederate soldiers and some Union soldiers are buried in a mass grave. The event takes place every Confederate Memorial Day weekend in May.

The 7th Virginia Infantry, Company A, is a member of the Third Regiment of the Army of Northern Virginia, First Division, a large and very active reenactment organization of more than two thousand Confederate soldiers. The company follows the event schedules of this organization. The group stays busy during the months of March through October with at least two reenactment and many living history events. If you love history and enjoy teaching and demonstrating your knowledge to others, contact us for a very rewarding hobby.

You must be sixteen years of age, in good physical health, and have most weekends free. This is a very physical activity which takes place in all types of weather. As a new recruit, purchasing all of the required clothing and equipment can be expensive. It is not required to have these items for the first event. The company and its members have gear that can be borrowed for the first events. Eventually, recruits are expected to purchase their own gear, within a reasonable amount of time. All new people are subject to a one year of probation before become a full member of the company.

Status: Active Member
Name City Joined Company Comments Rank Status
Garth Bagley Madison, VA January, 2000 Past Treasurer Private Active Member
Jim Coates Wolftown April, 2011 Private Active Member
L. T. Fox Culpeper September, 2001 Past 1st, 2nd Corporal and 2nd Sergeant Private Active Member
William Graham, III Orange January, 1993 Charter Member, Past Captain Private, Treasurer Active Member
Cody Hart Fredericksburg May, 2013 Private Active Member
Steve Hensley Castleton July, 1993 Past 1st Sgt, Past Cpl, Charter Member Captain Active Member
Andrew Jackson Stafford August, 2012 Private Active Member
Brian Pretlow Culpeper June, 2003 Past 1st Sergeant, Lieutenant, Cpl Private, Quartermaster Active Member
Brandon Rose Stafford December, 2011 Private Active Member
Dennis Shreve Gordonsville October, 2007 Past 1st Sgt, 1st Cpl Private Active Member
Robert Silvrants Stafford December, 2011 Past 2nd CPL Second Sergeant Active Member
Jim Williamson Madison September, 2004 Private Active Member
Robert Yowell Washington September, 2009 Past First SGT, 2nd SGT, 1st CPL, 2nd CPL 1st Sergeant Active Member
David Yowell, Jr. Washington January, 2011 Webmaster Private Active Member
Status: New Recruit (Probationary)
Name City Joined Company Comments Rank Status
Preston Clatterbuck Stanley, VA July, 2016 Private New Recruit (Probationary)
Status: Honorary Member
Name City Joined Company Comments Rank Status
Terry L Apperson Locust Grove, VA June, 1996 Two Company C Ancestors Honorary Member
Bernard McCann Bikenhead, Wirral, England Ancestor was assistant surgeon of the Seventh Va Honorary Member
Status: Last Roll Call
Name City Joined Company Comments Rank Status
Evan Bartel March, 2012 b:1996, d:2014 Private Last Roll Call
John Burgan Standardsville January, 1993 Charter Member, Past First Sgt, b:1954, d:2013 Private Last Roll Call
John Imlay 7th Ancestor, Honorary Member, b:1937, d:2013 Last Roll Call
George "Tex" Wells Past Member, Past 1st Sgt: b.1936 d.2016 Last Roll Call